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Beginner's Problem (Borland)

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I am trying to learn C++ and Windows programming. As I don''t have money to buy a "full" compiler, I downloaded Borland''s free commandline tools. I wrote some example programs and compiled them without problems, then I tried to compile my first Windows program (which opens a single window, nothing else), and now I have lots of problems.... As there were no "decent" manuals with the compiler and I found no help from the Inprise homepage, I was wondering if someone could help me with following: - What commandline options should I use when compiling a simple Windows program? When I try to compile it like: "bcc32 -If:\Borland\bcc55\include -Lf:\Borland\bcc55\Lib simple.cpp" I get errors. I tried to find out more about commandline options from the compiler''s helpfile, but it was less than adequate. - How to make a makefile or .bat file which launches BCC32 and ILINK32 and compiles my "window.cpp" into an executable file? - I once saw the commercial compiler BCB5, there were two options: compile with debug libs or release libs. How do I compile my tiny program without (with free tools) debug libs so it would be as tiny as possible?

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I don''t know if you''ve figured this out yet, but I''ve been having some tough times with it too :/ I''ll keep working on it and see if I can figure it out.

Also, if you want to have an integrated IDE for this, check out the following link:


Good luck!

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