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Sorry to bother you guys again..... but my Edge function (the one that fills the edgebuffer) doesnt work, and I cant see whats wrong with it. Please help, thanks in advance here it is:

void Edge(int leftedge[],int rightedge[],ePixel v1,ePixel v2)
        float deltax,deltay;
        float slope;
        float x;
        int y;
        ePixel temp;

        if(v1.y > v2.y) {temp = v1;v1=v2;v2=temp;}

        deltax = v2.x - v1.x;
        deltay = v2.y - v1.y;
        slope = deltax / deltay;

        x = v1.x;

        for(y = v1.y;y < v2.y;y++)
                if(x <  leftedge[y]) 
                     leftedge[y] = (int)x;
                if(x > rightedge[y]) 
                     rightedge[y] = (int)x;
                x += slope;


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The problem is that ppl do not like debugging someone else''s code.

I always suggest this tip because I learned it in a simple QBASIC class in college around 2 years back.

1) Define what you are going to do..
2) Write down the logic for what you want the computer to do
3) Break that down even further
4) Analyze logic by playing computer and writing down variables and the outcome on a piece of paper.
5 a) if error then grab an eraser and go back to step 2
5 b) if works jump to YOURLOGICLOOP until all variable limits are valid for the function you are writing
5 c) if error go to step 2 until eraser is gone or brain melts through ears
6) Start translating logic into actual code
7) Have a soda and relax

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Maybe I''m missing something, but what exactly is this functions supposed to do? Maybe THEN I can help...

A man with no head is still a man.
A head with no man is plain freaky.

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