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Saving Dialog Resources as External Files

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This is a simple question. Usually, resources are just tacked on to the end of the executable. However, is there any way I can load a resource, specifically dialog boxes, from a seperate file? I want to have a file that contains just dialog boxes, a file that contains just icons, etc., and then load them in (which is another ''How To'' question since they''d be in an external file). ======================================= A man with no head is still a man. A head with no man is plain freaky.

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Have you tried using DLL files. One dll for icons, one for dialog boxes...etc...

You can use the functions like LoadIcon(hDLL, ...), where the hDLL = LoadLibrary().
I haven''t tried it yet, but it should work...

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Try the windows ''FindResource'' and ''LoadResource'' functions. You can compile your resources in a separate project with the resource compiler. If I remember, you end up with a handle to your resource.

There used to be a way to make your dialog boxes on the fly using a ''dialog template''. That may still be valid, but that doesn''t sound like what you''re looking for.

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