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I am making a side scrolling platform game similar to Mario. I am using a generic tile-based map system with scrolling capabilities. example for(int x, x < NUM_XTILES; x++) { for(int y, y < NUM_YTILES; y++) { tile = MAP[x,y]; draw tile } } ... something similar to that. Anyways, i was just wondering how to detect for collision with the tiles. How did they do it in the old Mario games? Like, if the character hit a wall tile and needs to stop moving, how would I detect such a thing. Please help me with anything you have. (C source code would be nice!) thanks

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I''m guessing you have your own map editor that goes along with your actual game.
You should incorporate into your map editor the feature of editing the properties of each tile on the screen.
You edit for tile #45 (for example) that there should be collision from the right.
Then in your game you game_engine->GetBlockProperties(int Block_x,int Block_y);
That''s what your supposed to do anyway

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Just compare your character rect with the wall, ceiling, whatevers rect. nothing spectacular, 4 ifs

if (character.right > wall.left)

but think logically, obviously you wont have to check if the character is less than the ceilings top, all you wanna check for is the ceilings bottom, etc.


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