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OpenGL in Windows 2000

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The OpenGL Demos don''t work on my Windows 2000 Computer with GeForce Graphics Card. They work fine on Windows 98 on the same Computer, but on my Windows 2000 Installation, I always get the message ''Can''t create a GL Rendering Context''. What''s wrong ? I''ve got the newest drivers for my graphics card and the opengl32.dll, glu32.dll, ... in the ''System32'' directory. I also tried compiling my own projects (using the code from Nehe''s 1. tutorial).

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Hey there

There is no need to use Win98, Win2000 is great for opengl.

Try using 5.22 or later detonator drivers (win2k version of course), and you should be laughing

If you need to get them go to or nvidia''s site.

I would recommend either the 5.22 or 5.32 drivers. The detonator3 (6.18 drivers) have some problems in direct3d so avoid them.

The ONLY reason I would go back to win98, or dual boot to it, would be to check that my programs would run on a typical gamers system ie. win98.

Apart from that, win2000 offers a lot more for a developer.

Cheers, Cel

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When I try to run a 32 bit color opengl app in win98 it also gives me the same message. But when I change my windows desktop to 32 bit color, the gl app runs fine. Also, if my desktop is in 32 bit color and I run a 16 bit opengl app then the app only fills half of my screen and everything is purple.

btw I have a ATI RAGE PRO card.

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