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conceptualizing rotation/transformation

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After about 3 weeks of glassy-eyed staring at books and tutorials, I think maybe I understand the purpose of the 4x4 transformation and rotation matrix. I am still having trouble conceptualizing its use and have some questions. Once you have initially placed your camera, and if you are only dealing with static objects in a flat ''room'', and you only processed one keyboard input per frame, would you ever be doing more than 1 rotation, or a transformation at a time? I mean, if you move forward, aren''t you only translating from you''re current position? If you turn left or right, you''re rotating around the y and if you look up and down you''re rotating around the x? When would you ever rotate around the z in this situation? I know there are more complex situations, I am only trying to understand this simple situation first. I would appreciate ANY feedback - even if it''s to tell me I need to spend another 3 weeks staring at the tutorials before I ask another question. Thanks. information is the illusion of knowledge

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Wait, that''s not right, is it. If you rotate the camera left or right or up or down you have to do a translation and a rotation. Is that right?

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