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Just a few side-scroller questions...

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Ok, I''m putting together a game development team, and so far I''m the lead programmer. I have one guy reading up on game programming (he doesn''t do it, but has decided to now) to help me with this thing. This game will be somewhat like an r-type style game, a Side-scrolling space shooter. Now, I was playing r-type 3 to look at how some things were done, and got a little discouraged because of all of the things I saw that I would have to try to figure out and get working (ok, example...there are some moving game objects, like parts of the level itself, and I''m not sure if I could get that tied into a level editor...I don''t know how I''d do a motion path for certain things, and would need to figure out some way to encode the level file). This is my first major game (others were pong, blackjack..those kind of games) and I know how to make games and what goes into them, but I don''t know some specific details (like the stuff I listed previously). If anyone has done anything like this and can give me examples of how to do it (level encoding, level editor motion path things for the moving level or some other way to do it, enemy paths...etc) I would really appreciate it. Sorry if these questions are extremely newbie questions or something, or if they''re plain stupid, but I''ve got to ask someone. Also, I''m needing someone who is good at graphics, a game designer (thinks of enemies, game objects, weapons, etc), a sound effects person, and level designer. We can do this right now, but help is good.

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I''m guessing you want objects to move in the map during the game (Like clouds that wrap-arounds), right?
In that case, you should incorporate it directly into your level editor.
I''m also working on my level editor right now (Also tiled-based) and I got the tiles part working great, now it''s time for the objects...
Just make an x and y for the object and figure out if it should be drawn to the screen according to the current x and y of the map.
If you need more help, email me.
Good luck

The road to success is always under construction

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Ok, here''s an example. If you want to create a moving obstacle that would move up and down between a certain range (move up to (20,y), move down to (60,y)) and you want it to go back and forth between those ranges, how exactly would you implement some sort of motion path for that? Or for two objects in which you have one at the top of the screen, and another at the bottom, and you want them to go down torwards each other, hit each other, then bounce away and stop at a certain point before they get to their original position. Ok, this is probably confusing so go download Super R-Type for an snes emulator or R-Type 2 for MAME, the moving up and down example (first one) is in level two of Super R-Type after you enter the enemy base, and in R-Type 2 for MAME it''s in the first level, same position as in Super R-Type. And for my second example (bouncing one) this is in R-Type 3 for an snes emulator, in the first level, after the big robot thing flies into the wall you enter an area that has a bar on top of you and a jagged one below you, at certain points this jagged one below you will turn and bounce off of the upper bar, and at another point (this one is the one i was talking about in my example) there are two vertical bars with shorter horizontal ones on the ends, they come down, hit each other, bounce away some, then stop and let you pass between them. If anyone can help me, thanks, because the idea of how to do this hasn''t completely come to me yet.

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Ok, If you want to put it directly into your level editor how about doing this:
When you add a new object in the level editor you select it''s properties. For example, bounces off the edges, wrap-arounds the edges, moves from place to place.
Something like this:

// this below are options

#define OBJECT_MOVE_WRAPAROUND 0 // wraparound
#define OBJECT_MOVE_BOUNCE 1 // bounce
#define OBJECT_MOVE_2PLACE 2 // move from place 2 place

typdef struct OBJECT_TYPE
int x,y; // guess what this is

int width,height;
int motion; // type of motion, one of the defines up here
// and more and more...


If your talking about objects that do animations (They go over here, blow him up, go back there) make some sort of path of actions for them.
Maybe something like this:


int x,y;
int action; // what action should this object do?

OBJECT_ANIM_FRAME obframes[2000]; // information for 2000 frames

Now you supply the info for each frame in your level editor and load it later from a file.
I''ve never tried doing it, but I guess that''s the way to do it.

The road to success is always under construction

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