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Tile Scrolling Problem(with demo)

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Hi. Rather than trying to explain the problem I''ll show it to you. Here''s the download. Basic Tile Well, here''s a lil description of the problem, when I move the screen in either direction, the previous position is still showing. What I''m trying to do is move the screen around, while leaving black on the outside of the frame. The download is only 56kb(3files). The code is brutish as this is my first time dabbling in tile scrolling.

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damn! that is a funky ass demo!! anyway, you could try a few things...

1. blt black tiles around the edges to frame the map.
2. clear the backbuffer each frame, so that when you re-copy your tiles to it (which is done each frame anyway), you would have that garbgage left over.

hopefully that helps some!

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Hehe Thanks alot! I was thinking that clearing the back buffer would take away a frame(I.e The water wouldn''t sway back and forth). I''ll try it now.

BTW By "Funky ass" did you mean garbage, or good? If you meant garbage then I whole-heartedly(sp?) agree with you if you mean good then thanks!!

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