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lines in textures

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Hey all, I was wondering if anyone else has encountered this problem, or if anyone knows the fix. I have sequence of quads, lined up horizontally and vertically to make a big square, all with 32x32 textures on them. The problem is that on some of them, you see these lines at the edges of the quads. I tried translating on the axis the lines appear on, and sometimes they disappear, so it might be a perspective thing. But it only happens on some of the textures. Other textures it never does this on. Also, the textures with the lines, I cut and pasted to make them, while the ones that work I just drew them. Could that be it? I''m dying here people!! ------------------------------------------- "What's the story with your face, son?!?"

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Sometimes (very rarely) with cut''n pasting you create an image that is not "mathematically closed" meaning there are data leaks... If this is the case, when sent to a printer it will be enlarged in file size, but not actual dimensions, until the printer''s memory can no longer handle it, no matter how much the printer has. This could also be what is happening with your textures. Or, it could be that the other faces are showing through...

Or perhaps...

That''s my best guess...

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Thanks for the reply.

I''m assuming by printer, you mean output (to screen). I thought it might have something to do with that. I''m gonna try to make some test textures, minus copy and pasting, and see what happens. I was also looking at it closer, and it almost looks like an adjacent texture is underneath, which you can see because of the lines. Also, to be more specific, the lines are only on the sides of the quads where there is a different texture adjacent. I''m not putting anything underneath these quads, though, so I can''t explain this phenomenon.

Any help is greatly appreciated (read: I''ll buy you a drink ).

Thanks again.

"What's the story with your face, son?!?"

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