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Problems with CorelPhotoPaint!!

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I prepare my work and save it in format Bitmap on the CorelPhotoPaint, but when I run the game software , the bitmaps appears "cut", I mean, instead of appearing the whole image that is in the square, appears just half of the image,the white line and half of the other image. (see example in the end of this text).To solve this problem I must save my work on the Pstyler and it appears normal!! Some notes: I save my work on the corelphotopaint in format bitmap uncompressed, 8-bit palleted and in a size divisible by 8. Here is an example what happens: Let''s pretend that this is a bitmap and the + and 3 represents drawings and the - is the white line dividing them! - + + - 3 3 - - + + - 3 3 - When I run the program appears this way + - 3 + - 3 instead of appearing just the image like this: + + or 3 3 + + 3 3 PLEASE!!!!!!!! HELP ME!!!!!! I CAN''T STAND ANYMORE SAVING ALL MY WORK ON THE PSTYLER MY WHOLE LIFE!!!!

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