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Wanna go photo-realistic!

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Hi everyone, I have a written a mini-modeler in directx. The problem is, I spoiled myself so much by putting in keyboard shortcuts and little tricks for myself that I have a hard time using a ''real'' modeler now. So, what I want to do is expand my modeler''s capability to generate fully lit/rendered graphics realistically, via ray tracing. I don''t particularly want to write a whole ray tracer for myself. So, I wrote the program to dump out a POV-RAY script, which works, more or less. BUT: Things would be much easier for me if I could generate the resulting bitmaps right from my modeler... I often generate about 50+ bitmaps in an animation, so whenever I want to add a new hair to a guy''s head, it means about an hour of intensive work, dumping povray scripts, and then having povray generate them one by one. So my question is: Does anyone know of an API that generates photorealistic images-- possibly to a DC, or, even better, right to a bitmap file-- if I passed it a big list of triangles, a camera, and lights? I''ve been searching the web, and I''ve found a few, but I wondered if anyone could recommend. Thanks in advance! -- Goodlife ----------------------------- Those whom the gods would destroy, they first drive mad. --DirectX design team official motto

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I think you might be able to use "Light Flow". It is an EXTREMELY realistic renderer.

Here''s the URL:

Also, here''s a site with links to other renderers(I''ve never heard of the one''s on this site, but you might want to give it a look):

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