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The Alchemist

elemental system 2 - the revenge

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were we go again... this time i´m put this here instead of lounge becouse i think that i will get more serious replies. i´m in doubt about which magic "sloting" system i will use. the main basis of the magic system is that one "gift"( like fire or ice) can become 3 diferent spell (fire can become fire, fira, or firaga) dependent of the slot that you put it. get it? so know that which system you perfer? 1)level based slots.
you put the fire gift on slot lv1 you get a fire alike spell, in the lv2 you get a fira spell and in the lv 3 you get a firaga 2)elemental based slots.
the fire gift is of the fire elemental. so when you put it on the a fire slot you get firaga, when you put on thunder slot( thunder is weak againt fire) you get fira and when you put it on the a water slot( water is strong against fire) you get fire. the same happens with gifts of other elementals. so which one you perfer?? and do you have other ideas?? ========= Nothing is perfect. I´m nothing. So i´m perfect. Edited by - The Alchemist on 9/2/00 1:28:46 PM

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Guest Anonymous Poster
Is this assignment permanent?

Or is this done during spellcasting?

In the second method you listed, why would the player ever put the fire gift in a slot that gave a weaker result?

In the first method you listed, it looks like a player would trade off a level 3 fire spell for a level 3 thunder spell, so the player has to make a clear decision. But I don''t understand the tradeoff in the second example.

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Jeez .. this is confusing.
OK , Fire Fira and Firaga are taken from Final Fantasy magicsystem. If I am correct, they simply represent different "levels" of elemental power (never had the chance to play very far in the game, but I *LOVED* the system).

If I am correct, the first system has the advantage of giving you 3 spells of level 1 (Fire), or 2 spells of level 2 (Fira), or 1 of level 3 (Firaga).
Seems nice enough to me.
what I don''t understand is the advantage of the second system ???
You say you would get Firaga spell if you put your gift on a Fire slot, Fira spell for a neutral elemental like Lightning and Fire spell for the opposite element ?
This is WAY too counter intuitive !
On the other hand, what could be nice would be to be able to get a 2nd level lightning spell with a Firaga, or a 1st level Water spell with your Firaga... other than that, the second option you igve is useless, and counter intuitive. Bad, bad design.

Might I as well suggest something less ugly than the way you showed it, if you design an interface ? i mean no disrespect, but maybe something a bit different than a big page with big tables of magic slots ?

hope I help, otherwise, maybe if you are a bit more clear about what you are talking. Not everybody has heard of FFVIII, and those who did, didn''t necessarily understand everything (me, at least, I didn''t get it all).

youpla :-P

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well... in not that confusing, i bet that i expained it bad. i used the final fantasy magic system a exemple becouse i thinked that in that way whould be more easy to understand, but it have the oposite efect . now i gonna explain in in the way that it will be made.

well... ( make a deep breath) were we go again.

2)elemental based slots.


there gifts of all three magics types

when you put a gift in on it correspondent elemental slot you get a strong magic, since you get the elemental strength x2 ( the element of the gift and the element of the slot)

when you put a gift on it antagonist elemental you get a weak magic, since you get the elemental power of you magic weaken by the slot elemental power.

and you put the magic in the elemental that is not the antagonist and not the correspondent you get a medium magic since the the elemental of the slot don´t affect the elemental of the gift( so elemental x 1)

get it this time?? is not so hard, is me that cannot explain the things well ( you should see the war that is when i try to teach my mom how use the computer )

and is not only put the gift in the slot and you can use the magic. you most after get the gift learn the magics that the gift can make, and the stronger magics far more dificult( and take longer to learn) that the weak magics

my doubt is. the first system is easier to understand, but not only simlar of the 80% the games in the market but also bring a problem like happened with crono cross, in the middle of the game the player will not have acess to many powerfull gifts yet, so the best that he can do is put his best gifts in the 3lv slots( the slots numbers will increase during the game but i can´t give the player 50 lv3 slots, becuse when he get the more powerfull gifts he will become a god )

but the 2nd system solves it well, in the middle of the game he don´t need to have powerfull gifts yet since he can put most of it in the slots that will give him the best spells, but it is also a problem since a skiled player can make their caracters become a god in the end of the game( like happens with FF7 and 8 )

that´s why i´m asking for help ( whoa this was my longest post ever )

Nothing is perfect.
I´m nothing.
So i´m perfect.

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