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My conure, Rishkah, is insulted... he suggests using "lemmings" so as not to sully the good name of parrots. *grin*

He would also like a cracker if you have one handy...


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I'm getting tired of parrots. You know, those pseudo-developers who really haven't got a clue about any particular issue but they've recorded an opinion about the issue and they can play it back for you at the push of a button.


Want to know the relative strengths and weaknesses of OpenGL and D3D? How about 3D versus 2D or Isometric? UDP vs TCP? Less filling or tastes great?

You won't find out by asking. You ask Those Questions and you will be inundated with a verbal assault of pre-recorded [censored]loudly proclaiming someone else's opinion. Who are these people...?


I assume most people who post a question are seeking information, pros and cons, strengths and weaknesses, and so on. What they seem to get is the "quote of the day" from Carmack/Hook/LeMothe "dittoheads" who have only recorded the decision made...not the context of the decision nor the reasons for the decision. It's like they're trying to cover their own lack of real experience behind a haze of hero worship...because if you question the decision, you are questioning their hero--sacrilege!

The truth is...there is *NO* One Set of Answers for all questions the game developer faces. There is no One True Religion of Computer Game Development. Never has been, never will be.

Down with [censored] parrots. They bug me... :P

Not sure if I'm dredging for responses or just getting this out of my system...

Sorry for shouting. Thanks for your time.

PS: Out of deference to Felisandria's pet, no disparaging references to actual, well-behaved True Parrots were intended. ;-)

Samu Games

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Guest Anonymous Poster
Yeah! and i esp dislike those intellecuatls too! reading their stinking books! go out and do those experiments! build that bridge! mix those chemicals! 8^)

Just because i started one of those "parrot" threads dont make me bias 8^) but i doo have a big beak.

Trurth of the matter, there isnt any point in wasting your time if you can get others to waste it for you.


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