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$219 for win2k upgrade? gimme a break

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Here's a collection of statements and opinions about the entire set of posts above.

1) MS software pricing does NOT behave like other markets in our capitalist system. They have NEVER lowered the price on ANY product I know of. Office 97 was the same price from release day, to the day until it came with the upgrade to Office 2000. This is the same for VC 4.2, 5.0, and 6.0. This fact alone should cause people to at least look into the possibility that they have a monopoply LIKE situation.

2) People can blame Bill Gates personally for the actions of such a large company, because unlike other companies like Lockheed/Martin or Hewlett Packard, he reeps a very large percentage of the rewards, AND he DID (until he switched to more of an advisory role) have control over and knowledge of EVERY project they work on. I have read most of the books from MS press about software development, and you will find that BILL personally got involved in setting the directions of the company, and deciding which projects they focused their energies (money) on.

3) Piracy issue. This is bull. If you want to hurt a company, you hit them in the pocket book (this mean give them no money). If you don't believe in stealing, don't pirate software, but you can't make the assumption that everyone shares your idea of ethical behavior. If you are fighting for revolution, inherently you must break the law, this is just the nature of the world. So for my example, if you truely believe that microsoft is evil, don't give them ANY money. If your moral system says you cannot steal, don't use their products. If you are less virtuose, follow your own desires. I personally am a programmer, and when in college I had an ethics teacher that constantly used to argue that because I would be making my living from software surely I though piracy was inherently evil (because it threatens my livelyhood). This is not the case. I believe that all laws have a purpose, and a time to be obeyed, and also a time to be changed or broken. Situational Ethics, it's how the human race stays practical, instead of just theoretical/philosophical. And if you haven't noticed, staying alive take PRACTICAL sense, not just high ideas.

4) Of all the reasons I might hate MS, as a developer here is reason number one: WINDOWS.H DOES NOT WORK ON A ISO/ANSI COMPLIANT C++ COMPILER!!! This really hurts the advancement of development tools, and the ability to develop bug free programs (by definition programs that behave the way they are expected to).

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well i dont know if u know this but windows 2000 is not the next evolution in windows people. so dont buy the dam thing. wait till windows millenium comes out now thats the next evolution in windows

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We wont tolerate any name calling here people, I just deleted an offending post. This is obviously a heated topic, but if you cant be civil to each other while talking about it, your posts will be deleted and continued abuse of other members will result in having posting privledges taken away.

Just letting everyone know. We want an open forum, but not one for abbrasive juvenile behavior.


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lemme say a couple preliminaries. first, is a great site. next, i'm surprised and delighted over how helpful and curteous people are on the message boards. finally, i'm not trying to start i flame war, i just wanted to vent...

i was over a zdnet and saw that win2k upgrade will be $219 dollars! we're not talking mexican pesos here boys and girls but real american greenbacks. there is only one thing i hate worse than big government, and that's big business.

i cannot believe how arrogant bill has become in his software pricing. while the prices of everything computer related spirals downward (cost of hardware, monitors, internet service, etc) the cost of bill's buggy, broken software continues to increase! what a joke. microsoft is certainly the most predatory business on the planet. much worse than the bell-telephone monopoly, or ibm's stranglehold on the computer market 25 years ago.

the few competitors that bill doesn't destroy he assimilates. anyone who would dare go up against him either ends up standing in the unemployment line or at the wrong end of a microsoft lawsuit.

i cannot say that i didn't see this coming though. i remember years ago when there were a few fledling OS compeititors. you remember their names: OS/2, Next OS and so on. microsoft killed them and herded us into his fold like sheep. now 95% (plus or minus a bit) of us all use microsoft OSes, microsoft browsers, and play microsoft games. bill knows this all too well and has decided that $100 for a buggy OS upgrade is simply not enough and now we should be happy to $219 for what should be a free upgrade.

bill's desire to have more money than god should worry all us game programmers too. bill has tried and tried to get programmers to use his directX API. for years we resisted, but slowly he has got most all of us to use his damned directX. but now what's to keep billionaire bill from charging us to use his directX API in our software? ANSWER: nothing. that scares me.

obviously the government doesn't scare him, and there certainly aren't any competitors that scare him. i fear the day will come when we all have to pay a $10-per-copy royalty to billy for all the great software we make that uses DX.

i know alot of you think you have the solution: linux. i agree linux is a good thing, but it needs to mature in a hurry. funny thing is i'm waiting for the day that microsoft introduces it's own version of linux. they are probably arrogant enough to charge people 200 dollars for it and to stab businessess for multi-user licenses!

philanthropy: i live in the seattle area and i'm sick and tired about all the local news coverage on what a great philanthropist billy is. sure he gave away a billion dollars. but he gave it to his OWN charity. that's not throwing the gold very far from the pot there bill. if he was truely a giving man i would think that he would give out at least 1 free software upgrade to show the world what a great guy he is (besides, us computer geeks are the ones who put those 90 or so billion dollars in his pocket to begin with).

the guy is only a few benjamins short of a 100 billion dollars and he's such a sting that he's gonna gouge us $219 dollars for a software UPGRADE. all i can say is that i hope god is taking notes on him.

finally, what a shame that the inventor of GUI OS software never made a dime from it. steve jobs and apple stole the idea of GUI (graphic user interface) and the mouse from xerox PARC (palo alto researce center), and bill inturn stole it from apple. and today bill has 90 billion bucks and xerox got squat. i think the boys over at xerox had better hire some better lawyers.

i'm not saying that miscrosoft is the anti-christ, but i am saying that it's a predatory company that needs to knocked of it's king-of-the-hill position.

that's my 2 pennies worth (plus or minus a couple)

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