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Benjamin Heath

I want to share something from Ray Charles here...

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"The key is, how much do you love music? Now you notice I didn't say how much do you love country, I didn't say how much do you love jazz. I said, how much do you love music?"
Ray Charles. This is from a TV interview, but forgive me, I do not know the name of the journalist or the program. This clip was shown in memorial after he died. Maybe, for computer games and other interactive art, you could say it this way: How much do you love emotion, and how much do you love to play? It's not how much you love just anger, or just happiness. It's anger, it's passion, it's love -- True Love. It's all emotion, all of them. How much do you hate anger? How much do you love it? How much do you like to play? Eh, maybe. =P

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