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IBasic Pro is out!!!

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Didn't know where else to put this since it applies both to game programming and general programming. I've been involved with IBasic from Pyxia for a couple of years. The older standard version was OK but a bit pokey in loop speeds. For simple games it was great. For "other" projects I was sticking to Blitz and DB. Finally they release their "professional" version and if you have any interest in new compilers, specifically something different you ought to try it out. Its a cool thing, uses a compiler linker and assembler like C but with a much simpler syntax. My favorite features are the inline assembler and built in COM support. Much better graphics commands too. Still playing with it. Generated exe sizes start at 12-14K for simple text apps, 40-60K for basic windows apps. DX programs run around 70-100K. The most amazing thing to me is some of the graphics commands beat Blitz!. Hittesting and DMA to buffers were much faster. Just wish they were finished with the 3D command pak. Supposed to have pixel shader support and a particle engine. At that point Blitz is history for me. Check it out: Vlad

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