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Game Programming in C# with Win32 and OpenGL

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Just in case this isn't front page worthy. This is worth studying for you game designers/programmers. With DotNet and CSharp a lot of you are going the Windows.Forms route. I just wanted to present to you an alternative. The grunt work is done, so all you need to do is include the CSharp*.cs files and you are ready to go.
TheTutor, For fun I ported "GameTutorials Triangle(First OpenGL Program" to C# using Win32. It keeps the existing framework of the original tutorial without using Windows Forms. Take a look. This will safe others time that might want to program OpenGL with Win32 calls in C#. I'm aware it has bugs. Full screen mode doesn't work perfectly yet, so I commented it out. There is also a memory leak that happens during painting, so I commented that out too. Anyone is welcome to email bugs and/or preferably fixes. I should note that I used the OpenGL ports from Nehe, but all the Win32 ports are from me. Enjoy ;P ~Tgraupmann

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