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NV_vertex_program constant factors?

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666_1337    122

I've been using ARB_vertex_program for vertex shading for a long time, but now I thought everything would be much nicer if I could use the same shader no matter how many lights I use. Therefore I required to use NV_vertex_program(2), because of it's ability to use conditional jumps.
Unfortunately I had to notice that NV_vertex_program is not so easy to use as ARB_vertex_program, and reading the Specifications of all 4 NV_vertex_program versions (1, 1.1, 2, 3) I didn't find anything about constant values in the shaders, like the `0.15` in this arb_vertex_program line

MUL result.texcoord[2].y, 0.15, pos.z;

does anyone know how I would do that in NV_vertex_program?
Or... is it even possible?

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vincoof    514
AFAIK you have to use either program parameters or vertex attributes, the recommended one for constants being program parameters of course. I don't know of any other way for specifying constant in NV_*_program*

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