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[.net] How to get input of just for an integer? (C#)

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Ekim_Gram    418
I'm disliking Console.Read(LINE)() function right now. I'm in the process of making a Tic Tac Toe clone just so I can remember some of the stuff I have learned using C# and it's just being a bitch about every thing. Here's the C/C++ equivilent of what I'd like to do:
void DoTurn()
  cout << Turn << "'s turn!";
  int move;
  cin >> move
  // do some error checking...
  if (GameBoard[move])...
But NOOooooooo, C# only returns a string with the ReadLine() function and boxing has no effect whatsoever.

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Guest Anonymous Poster   
Guest Anonymous Poster
Something like that:
int moves = int.Parse( Console.ReadLine() );

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