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Header question again

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Hi what does this mean?: You don't have to include your custom header, just forward declare it to cut down on a lot of compile times when changing a single line because it stops a chain from occuring if everything includes something else. Thanks Talib

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It means in your .h file you don't have to inlcude a header file for any pointers you use just forward declare them

ie for
class foo;

class bar
foo* m_foo;

then in your cpp add #include "foo.h". One reason to do this is to cut down on compile times. If foo.h is changed then the compiler needs to touch your bar.h file. If you forward declare the class then it only needs to touch your cpp file.

You can see how touching the .h file would increase compile times as the compiler would then need to recomiple every file that included your bar.h file.


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