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Which 3D engine for my project?

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I am new to this whole game development scene and would appreciate some advice. My project is a car racing sim, but i'm not sure which engine to go for. I am looking for an engine which will be suitable for a car racing sim, if not written just for racing games. I have looked around at some engines all claiming to be suitable for all types of game, but surely some must be better suited to a particular genre. I will be using C++. I'm sorry i haven't given you much to go on, but i'm sure you get the picture. Thanks for taking the time to read my post and for any suggestions.

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Thanks for the replies, eventhough i'm not sure what i am supposed to be looking at as i didn't see anything about 3D engines.

Prehaps i didn't ask the question very well. I was asking in the communities opinion which 3D engine would be most suited to a car racing sim. I'm sure the community has experience of using an engine which can handle car sim physics, high frame rates etc. Maybe i'm asking a silly newbie question and should just go for one of the 'suitable for all games' type of engine like irrlicht, torque etc. Eventhough i have kinda done this already and wasted a lot of time with little to show for it.

All suggestions and comments about suitable engines are much appreciated.

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The links you were pointed to are for newbies in programming/
game development in general.
If you already have some experience with C++ programming, you
propably don't need most of the information at these links.

To answer your question, there are lots of free 3D engines.
have a look at this list.
You can browse the engines by features, programming language a.s.o.

Be warned! Most engines are very sophisticated and may take some
serious amount of time to get familiar with them.

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Jay's Library & Engine Round-up
In all of these cases, you need to be no stranger to C / C++. Your best bet would probably be Torque (as it already comes with an off-road racing mod as a demo for using the demo). You may also want to consider one of the physics engines. It really depends on what you want to do.

ODE (Open Dynamics Engine)






Torque Networking Library

Game / Graphics engines (3D):

Cube Engine


Torque Gaming Engine & the (upcoming) Torque Shader Engine

Irrlicht Engine (v. 0.6)


A6 engine


Nebula Device (some decent physics / collision code here, too):
Python bindings for nebula device (Nebula 1 only, I think) are found here:

"Second-String engines" (I wouldn't use them, but they are possibilities):

Crystal Space

Jet 3D



Quake II

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