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Tactical Battle Engine Ai Help

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MasterDario    120
Hi all, basically im programming a tactical battle engine, and am wondering what you consider good ai in that type of system, or if you have any ideas of what kind of ai i should implement. All help is appreciated. Thank you Dario

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OuncleJulien    157
I would look into a book called: AI Game Programming Wisdom

I'd also recommend the books Game Programming Gems 1-4 (They each have sections deticated to AI programming) ..I bought whole the series a few months ago and have loved every bit of them.

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LedL0af    100
Good AI in that game I think would be making it so the computer chooses the correct situations. Such as attacking the person with the weakest hitpoints even though there is a guy in front of him (who is stronger). Its all about taking the best advantage of your turn. Whos lower on hitpoints? Who not a threat and who is? Whos not in reach and who is? You could also mix the levels of the AI. Such as making something to pick a random number between 1 and 3. 1 meaning just a random attack with someone in reach 2 being the best move possible 3 attacking the strongest. Although that doesn't sound really "professional". Maybe this will help?

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liquiddark    350
I can see a large number of factors which would feed into your AI:

1) How do the characters vary?

  • if characters are highly variable, you will need to devise a planner for choosing squad composition

  • If characters can change as they level up, this will have to be accounted for

2) Does terrain play a role?

  • If terrain is significant, you will need to be able to provide meaningful metrics to the AI for analysis

  • If terrain plays NO role, you will have to decide how to choose targets to best effect

3) How long do you want battles to last?

  • If battles are meant to be quick-kill affairs, then you will want to emphasize offense, providing effective killing blows and combos per-side

  • If battles are longer-term, it might be better to emphasize defense

4) Do you have multiple personality types controlling enemy units?

  • If not then how are you ramping up difficulty

  • If so, then how do you make these differences explicit

  • either way, what are the driving characteristics of the controlling AI

5) What is the goal of your overall AI?

  • If it is meant to provide the maximum challenge possible, how are you going to make this interesting & fair to the player

  • If it is meant to provide an opponent whose skill level is similar to that of the player, do you adapt, or does the player choose a particular level? How do you ensure that the AI is matching the player without overmatching him/her


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Jadaro    122
By tactical battle engine what do you mean? are we talking RTS with lots of units?

If we are, then if one army is going up against another, then you will want the AI to act reasonably and delegate forces to deal with different threats it encounters. After all, there are units in those games meant to specifically counter other units.

On the other hand you will want to have AI working for and against the player... things don't just stand there and get shot (unless you tell them to). THere are modes, defensive behaviour, offensive...and other unfortunate side effects of hunger, etc.

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