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Rizwan Khalid

How to use STL in angelscript?

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I am trying to add support of STL in angelscipt. The problem i am facing is i have to register every possible templated function.e.g. to register object of vector class engine->RegisterObjectType("vector", sizeof(vector<int>), 0); and to register push_back() engine->RegisterObjectMethod("vector", "void push_back(int)", asMETHOD(vector<int>::push_back), asCALL_THISCALL); still call to pop_back throws exception...(i think because of internal storage scheme of vector template) Is any one has use STL in his/her project or what is the method for using it? plus any support for using arrays?

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As I said in the e-mail: Plans for native support for arrays in AngelScript exists for a future version.

Really, I recognize the work needed to register every possible type of array. I have some ideas for how to implement good support for arrays which ought to be quite easy to use. However it requires a lot of work and there are other things that I judge more important.

I'm not sure why your application throws an exception, it looks like you're registering the methods correctly. Maybe STL is using a calling convention other than __thiscall? Maybe you could resolve the problem with a wrapper function? Like so:

void vector_push_back(int val, vector<int> *vec)

engine->RegisterObjectMethod("vector", "void push_back(int)", asFUNCTION(vector_push_back), asCALL_CDECL_OBJLAST);

If it is a problem with differing calling conventions this should resolve it. Though it can be quite tedious to write the wrapper functions for all methods and types.

All I can say at the moment is that I will improve the support for this. The time for this improvement is at least 2 months away though.

I hope you will not be forced to abandon AngelScript because of this. If you should go with another scripting library, I hope you'll still keep an eye on AngelScript. You can be sure that it will improve over time.


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