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Titanium Towers: Free MMOG to spam the world.

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(Not literally spam, of course. =D) It's a small VB based game, but don't let the word "small" confuse you. The game itself is a remake of Dragonspires, which was shut down due to problems between the administration. We have roughly two admin spots open. (I say roughly due to future players already taking a spot, making it only one) Of course, this site has its own forums, so if you think you're up to the position, post on the forums your interests with the spot and what you can do to help us. We also reward the players for referring new players to the game, so always make sure to tell us when you bring a new person to the game. You can find this game at . EDIT: Looks like the game is down, and it just might now be back up. Any mods or admin may go ahead and close this topic if they wish. [Edited by - Zixouh on July 8, 2004 5:26:14 PM]

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