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DirectPlay 8 and VB6, send files.

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I use DirectPlay 8 to send files over the LAN/internet in my Peer2Peer program... These are the relevant declarations.. Code: Dim FileBuffer() As Byte, LenOfFile As Double Dim FileCount As Double Dim FileID As Integer Dim EndOfFile As Boolean Dim SentFileName As String This is the send filecode, Code: Private Sub cmdSendFile_Click() With CommonDialog1 'let the user select file .ShowOpen If .FileName = "" Then Exit Sub SentFileName = GetFileName(.FileName) FileID = FreeFile Open .FileName For Binary Access Read As #FileID LenOfFile = LOF(FileID) ReDim FileBuffer(1 To LenOfFile) Get #FileID, 1, FileBuffer Close #FileID FileCount = 0 SendFilePacket 'start the transfer End With End Sub Private Sub SendFilePacket() Dim PacketSize As Long Dim DefaultPacketSize As long Dim lMsg As Long Dim lOffSet As Long Dim oBuf() As Byte Dim Chunk() As Byte 'find out if we use a packetsize of 512 or if we need a smaller one DefaultPacketSize = 512 PacketSize = DefaultPacketSize If (FileCount + 1) * PacketSize > LenOfFile Then PacketSize = LenOfFile - (FileCount * PacketSize) Debug.Print PacketSize ReDim Chunk(1 To PacketSize) Chunk() = MidB(FileBuffer, FileCount * DefaultPacketSize + 1, PacketSize) 'here i send the packet so the other computer lOffSet = NewBuffer(oBuf) lMsg = MsgSendPicture AddDataToBuffer oBuf, lMsg, LenB(lMsg), lOffSet AddStringToBuffer oBuf, SentFileName, lOffSet AddDataToBuffer oBuf, PacketSize, LenB(PacketSize), lOffSet AddDataToBuffer oBuf, Chunk(1), PacketSize, lOffSet dpp.SendTo DPNID_ALL_PLAYERS_GROUP, oBuf, 0, DPNSEND_NOLOOPBACK Or DPNSEND_GUARANTEED If FileCount * DefaultPacketSize + PacketSize + 1 > LenOfFile Then EndOfFile = True Exit Sub End If FileCount = FileCount + 1 End Sub If remove the "send code" part above and instead save the file back on the local drive using the Put command the file is correct.. But if i retrive with the sendcode (the code below) the file is not correct... Code: Private Sub DirectPlay8Event_Receive(dpnotify As DxVBLibA.DPNMSG_RECEIVE, fRejectMsg As Boolean) 'process what msgs we receive. Dim lMsg As Long, lOffSet As Long Dim dpPeer As DPN_PLAYER_INFO, sName As String Dim oBuf() As Byte Dim PacketSize As Long Dim Chunk() As Byte With dpnotify GetDataFromBuffer .ReceivedData, lMsg, LenB(lMsg), lOffSet Select Case lMsg Case MsgSendPicture 'we retrive the SendPicture command from the other client SentFileName = GetStringFromBuffer(.ReceivedData, lOffSet) 'get the filename GetDataFromBuffer .ReceivedData, PacketSize, LenB(PacketSize), lOffSet 'get the length of the packet Debug.Print PacketSize ReDim Chunk(1 To PacketSize) GetDataFromBuffer dpnotify.ReceivedData, Chunk(1), PacketSize, lOffSet 'get the packet If FileID = 0 Then 'if fileid = 0 then no file is open, lets open one FileID = FreeFile Open AppPath & "\Sent_" & SentFileName For Binary Access Write As #FileID End If Put #FileID, , Chunk() 'save the packet lOffSet = NewBuffer(oBuf) 'let let the sender know we have retrived the packet lMsg = MsgRecivedFilePart AddDataToBuffer oBuf, lMsg, LenB(lMsg), lOffSet dpp.SendTo DPNID_ALL_PLAYERS_GROUP, oBuf, 0, DPNSEND_NOLOOPBACK Or DPNSEND_GUARANTEED Case MsgRecievedFilePart 'The packets have ben recieved by the reciver If EndOfFile = False Then SendFilePacket 'if the file isnt finished yet, lets send another 512 bytes of data Else 'the file is ended, lets send that to the reciving client EndOfFile = False FileCount = 0 lOffSet = NewBuffer(oBuf) lMsg = MsgEOF AddDataToBuffer oBuf, lMsg, LenB(lMsg), lOffSet dpp.SendTo DPNID_ALL_PLAYERS_GROUP, oBuf, 0, DPNSEND_NOLOOPBACK Or DPNSEND_GUARANTEED End If Case MsgEOF 'the recieving client get a end of file message from the sender Close #FileID 'lets close the file. End Select End With End Sub Ok, since it works to save the file localy it must be the netcode or the reciving part that is not correct. But i cant just figure out what.. Anyone that is good on sending files/binary data over the network? I've opened up txt files that i sent over the LAn with this code, and the bytelenth of the files seems correct, but its the first byte (and maybe also the last) of each packet that is incorrect.. sorry for this long thread, but i really dont know what todo.. Thansk in advance, Anders

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