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Seeking opinion of Title and Concept of new HL2 mod

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Hello all. I am new to the modding world but am a pretty good programmer that wants to move into the gaming industry. I also have some experience as team/project leading. I plan on starting up a HL2 mod and came up with a design that I think would be fun and pretty innovating (in terms of some game dynamics and mechanisms in FPS games). I won't reveal much of that (I don't want them to be stolen) but I would appreciate if you could read the short background story and give me feed back and then help me decide on a title. I REALLY hate picking names for things Background story: --------------------------------------------- Soon after the X Prize competition was claimed in February of 2007, space travel becomes economically and technically feasible for private corporations. By the year 2029 two major corporations emerge as the largest powers in the world, rivaling every government in the world, the Nexus Synthetics Corporation and Celestial Inspirations Corporation, the winner of the X Prize competition. These corporations accumulate vast amounts of wealth from harvesting titanium and other rare resources from the moon. Not only do these corporations control the majority of the money in the world, they also have their own government structures and militaries. These two corporations compete against each other for power, both with visions of world domination. This competition quickly becomes bloody. The war these two powerhouse corporations wage against each other for power spans the whole world. There are even conflicts and skirmishes that break out in the mining facilities on the moon, in orbiting space stations, and even on the newly created colonies on Mars. Both are desperate to see the other one fall. No government is able to pose enough of a threat to either corporation, so they are powerless to stop the war. In fact, many world governments even encourage the war in hopes that both corporations would obliterate each other. --------------------------------------------- The story will be improved, of course, as more details are fleshed out, but the basic idea is there. Proposed titles: --------------------------------------------- "Corporate Tyranny" - The two corporations are tyrants hell bent on destroying each other. "Hostile Takeover" - Self explanitory, they are trying to take eachother over with hostility. "Absolute Corruption" - From the old saying that money and power corrupt absolutely. "Clashing Titans" - The two powerhouses of the world clashing for power. --------------------------------------------- Please pick a title or propose your own with a brief description of why you like it. Thank you for your time, Bojingo - Lead Developer of TBA HL2 Modification

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