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Simulation:- Rings moving out from points with some delay & store sim. to movie file

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Hi I am developing a simulation application. In this to give an idea i want to show some points on the view . Associated with each point some time delay is there. Once application starts then as per the time delay i want rings or say circle must move out from each point with the time delay in between. For eg. there are five points with delay of 25 s,So simulation must show RING/CIRCLE spreading out from first hole with 0 delay and then after each 25 sec. interval CIRCLES spreading out from all other circles till the last one starts. So this is the first part of my problem. How to do this? If there is some example code avaialable then that will help me a lot as i do not know how to start with? Next is i want to save complete simulation as moview file either avi,asf,mpeg (I do not have any idea regarding this) But if this is possible then it will be best thing which can be done. Thanks in advance and awaiting for comments

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wha??? (ie. I can't understand what your asking, something about points of delay and circles moving around...) make sure your questions are more clearly asked, people won't reply if they can't understand your question.

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Thanks a lot for your kind suggestion.

My application has to show the situation like this:

A bomb get dropped at a place. Just after bomb blast air waves moves out from point of blast and then waves keeps on moving outwards at the speed of propogation of sound.

SO i have to simulate following things:
>Bomb blasts at a point
>Air wave circle generates around the point of blast
>Air wave circle keep on moving away from the point of blast and its size keep on expanding based on time i.e. circle size keep on increasing.

For the time being this is the imp. thing to address. Let the delay part be put on hold or side. as once this get addressed then that i will work on it.

Thanks in advance

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I'm not sure this is really suited to GP&T... here, maybe it'll be better off in Game Programming.

Consider your data structures. You've got:

  • Points, with a position and emission frequency.
  • Rings,, with a center and radius, and maybe a rate of expansion (rate of change of radius)?

Next, consider your tasks:

  • Render a point (per point per frame)
  • Render a ring (per ring per frame)
  • Emit a new ring (whenever a point requires it)
  • Make a ring larger (per ring per frame)

Writing code for all of those would be a good start.

As far as capturing it to a media file goes, I'd recommend looking into DirectShow (especially if you don't know which format you want yet). You'd render to a texture, and (I believe) the DirectShow filters exist to feed from a texture to an AVI file.

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