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visibility & collision trees...

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I just have a few quick questions about octrees and bsp trees. First off: I want to use the octree structure for dynamic objects as well as statics. Now, I figured instead of trying to figure out a way to build some special dynamic octree system for this, I could simply add a reference of the objects bounding box to the tree and then store a list of the nodes the entity is in (the entity class will have contain this list). The reference would be used for collision tests where as the node list would be used for rendering (the nodes would be campared to the current visible list and if any of them are one of the visible nodes, the entity will be drawn). Whats your opinion and any ideas how the bounding box could be refrenced? I was thinking about simply adding a list to the node struct (BBox dynamic_ent_refrences[MAX]). Hmmm. Also, games that use both bsp maps and octrees... I have a few questions about this one: first off, how can you keep the terrain from sticking through the bsp map, should this be done by the designer (they'll make sure the terrain is flattend or something?). Dynamic entities will also store a list of bsp leafs there in (it will work in the same way as with the octree) however (this is a double question in one) say your no where near the bsp geometry, should you test objects for collision, and should you test the bsp geom for visibility? What Im saying is, since the octree and bsp tree will have no connection (simply becuase it would be to complex for me to handle) when should you NOT test one of the two? I just realized this however: The dynamic entities, even if there within the bsp map, they will still have a refrence to the octree, so if there not visible and or collideable via the octree, it won't be with the bsp map either. Hmm.. if not visible with octree & not visible with bsp... Sorry for the long post, im just a little lost right now. Thanks a ton for any feedback guys! ~Jason

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