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New Interactive 3D Solar System Simulator

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This brings back memories of one of my first projects I worked on a long time ago. One of the things I hated most about it is that it looked so bland. You’ve got the content, but if you could enhance the visuals it would make your app much nicer. For example, take a look at this screenshot. It’s a plausible space scene and it adds scenery, which is kind of important if someone is going to explore a galaxy. Add features like distant galaxies, planetary atmosphere, bright glowing stars, giant nebulas, pulsars, and comets. Anything just to add background. Check up on Freelancer (published by Microsoft). They have a very good space system. Their stars and inner-nebulas are very nice. X2 also has a nice space system.

2 other recommendations I have are to add sounds and add a screensaver mode. As far as I know space is quiet, but having some background ambience would help smooth things out. Perhaps add some light music. A Screensaver mode would also be nice in that the app would randomly choose something scenic and go there automatically. Maybe trail a comet or asteroid and then veer off into a nebula or something.

I also had a bit of difficulty with the controls, so I wasn’t able to see everything. This was one of the reasons I suggested a screensaver mode (so I don’t have to fly around =).

Other than all this, it’s fairly good stuff. Lots of potential for this engine/system.

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