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SQL and Access

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Hi, I'm using C# and trying to add a string from a textbox into a table in an Access Database..the problem is..if a user types something like " or '... So I guess the question is..Is there an escape character for Jet Databases? Or better there something like an @ (like the one used in C#) that goes infront of the string? thanks

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It totally depends on how you're actually populating the database. If you're forming an SQL string, you have to double-pad the quotes with replaces (in ASP text = Replace(text, "'", "''") etc).

Another way, since you said you're using Jet is to take advantage of the recordset features. I'm not sure about C#, but in VB it's like this...

- Open your recordset (Set rs = databaseconneection.execute("SELECT * from myTable")

- Use the AddNew/Update methods
rs!MyField = "Some text"
rs!MyOtherField = 51

I'm pretty sure that C# will have an equivalent. Have a look at the Recordset object docs.

Hope this helped in some way [smile]

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Hmm well in C# im using an OleDBCommand

and to make things simpilar..what I wanted to add to a table would be...

"I don't know how to do this!!"

so I would try something like this...
commandstring = "UPDATE table SET column ='I don't know how to do this!' WHERE ID = 4"

As you can see the ' in "don't" will cause an error..
so how would I go about inserting the ' into a table.. I tried doing the \ escape "I don\'t know how to do this!!" but it still doesn't work...
So is there an escape char? I googled on it with no luck. Found one other post for Java that seems to work, but not with C#..

btw. I will try to the double padding the quotes to see if it works..but i'm not on my computer right now so I can't try it..
but you meant something like this right?
"UPDATE table SET column = 'I don"'"t know how to do this!' WHERE ID = 4" ???

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It's been a while since I've had to use Access, but I think the proper approach would be:

UPDATE table SET field = 'My brain ' ' s on fire.'

(without the extra spaces between the n, ', ', and s)

Where you use two ' characters instead of one. You can also do this with double-quotes:

UPDATE table SET field = "I will say ""My brain's on fire,"" and then run away."

Basically, if you use single quotes to surround your strings, then you can use double-quotes in those strings without worrying, but you need to use two single quotes to get a single quote to appear in the string. Similarly, if you use double quotes to surround a string, you can use single quotes inside that string without trouble, but you have to use two double quotes if you want a double quote in the final string.

Doing all of this through a Recordset object is a heck of a lot easier, though; if I were you I would look into that if it is at all possible.

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As I said, if you can use a function that replaces text (in ASP it's Replace, not sure about C# - probably a member of the String class).

But it's a case of:

text = "I don't know how to do this!"

text = Replace(text, "'", "''")

text is now: "I don''t know how to do this!"

Which works in SQL statements.

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I think I see a possible source of confusion here; it looks like the forum software replaces '' with a single ', which makes it look like our suggestions aren't doing anything [wink]

kag1, to see what we're really talking about, click on the Edit button on one of our posts, and it should show you the places to use two 's.

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