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face question

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Hi I am using directx9 But i have some problem of face . I really don't know how to handle this problem. I am showing some Ascii Work for my problem Take a figure-1 look this one cube that loading from .x file But i don't Why it's render face 1,4 . I had seen some programe like deep exploration that not rendering this faces.Basically i am showing solid+outline object.I had checked in also directx7 retain mode sample has also not rendering 1,4 face. So why directx9 rendering this face.
 | \   |
 |  \  |
 |   \ |
In deep exploration or Directx7 retain mode sample rendering like this in same file figure-2
 |      |
 |      |
 |      |
My faces structure like this 3:1,2,3,4, so it is has more than 3 faces in one line of .x file. So any good suggestion and help require :) thanx

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But In my .x file Directx7 Retain mode "Viewer " Sample working fine like deep exploration But directx9 not working as i need .
Btw. Deep exploration also using directx9 render .

Directx9 Rendering Unused and Hided faces in my case :(
What u think about ?


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