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[java] CLASSPATH troubles

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I have tried setting my class path variable using "set CLASSPATH=c:\java" at the MS-DOS prompt where "c:\java" is the path to all my class files/packages, but I still get the error: Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: TraderWindow Whenever I try to use "java TraderWindow". The annoying thing is that this used to work fine, but has suddenly started to not work. Does anyone know what would cause this? Is there something I am missing? Thanks, - Daniel VG Games

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Two things to try.

First, qualify your class name when you run it. If your TraderWindow is in the package com.deakin.stuff, type

java com.deakin.stuff.TraderWindow

Make sure TraderWindow.class is in the directory


If TraderWindow is not in a package, add "." to your classpath:

set classpath=c:\java\;.

Then change into the directory where TraderWindow is and run it:

cd c:\trader_windows_directory
java TraderWindow

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