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3D DirectSound, volume of passing sounds

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Hi, We' re currently developing a 3D sound system for a driving simulator. But we having difficulties with the volume of the sound. If a sound (other car) passes our own car, it's volume is very low. The factors aal are set to 1.0 (Rolloff, doppler and distance) If we set the rolloff to 0.0, the sound is much louder (offcourse, its original volume) The minimum distance is set to 50.0 meters. The car passes at a disance of 3 - 4 meters. Does anyone know why the volume of the sound is decreased by DirectSound???? thnx Pjotr P.S. We are using two Creative Soundcars, a Audigy and a live player...... [Edited by - PjotrvA on August 6, 2004 6:00:52 AM]

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