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Thomas Obermaier


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Hi! I have my static geometry stored in a displaylist that is compiled with vertex buffers. i'm not using multitexturing, so every vertex buffer has only a single texture. all vertex buffers are constructing a flat area (with grass, streets, etc) for a flight simulator. at corresponding edges (e.g. a street with some grass). works really nice and i have also a nice performance. but in some cases (mostly ATI cards) the edges don't fit very well together, sometimes i see some pixels of my background color! i played around with polygon_smooth, FSAA and stuff, but the result is still there. can you give me an advice on how to fix that problem? for a better explanation, see the screenshot: thank you, thomas

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A T-junction is this:

. .
. S .
. . .
. . . .
.. T ..

There are 4 triangles. A vertex of triangle T lies on an edge of triangle S (this spot is marked by an "o"). This is called a T-junction. T-junctions cause the artifacts which show up in your screenshot. Try to avoid them by adding additional triangles (e.g. split S into two triangles by adding an edge o->p).

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