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Unity Just started J2ME - need help.

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As you can see from this thread, I have just started J2ME. That thread is more plugging my 3D engine, and here is probably the best place to ask for help. Is there anywhere a reference that teaches "good" Java practises, and explains what everything is - as in, what a class is, what a method is, and so on. Also, a more specific question - how do you make apps full screen? I have the white space under all mine where the soft key labels would be drawn.

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I'll start with the fullscreen stuff.
MIDP 1.0 itself doesn't have any standard way to go fullscreen. On some devices you can just paint over the soft-key area, some have special APIs in order to get the functionality, some just default to fullscreen if you don't add any Commands. From the other thread I see you have a 3510i, so I can tell you on that phone (and any Nokia handset for that matter), you need to download the Nokia SDK from and use a proprietary class called The proprietary API will also give you access to other nifty stuff like sounds, vibration, and acessing pixels/drawing pixel arrays (for those textures you would want to do).
With MIDP 2.0 phones they added the fullscreen functionality as a standard with the Canvas.setFullscreenMode() method.

Now for learning Java. The obvious answer would be: books! Personally I also started my Java journey with MIDP so I'm not familiar with any good J2SE/J2EE books (go snooping around and I'll bet you can find a lot). But for J2ME I could recomend:
J2ME Game Programming
Jason Lam's online book

Some more online tutorials from Sun can also be a nice way to get acquainted with the basics of Java: The Java Tutorial trails.

Other than that: keep up the good work, that 3D engine looks great for someones first foray into mobile development.


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