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DirectX 8.1 screensaver framework

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Hi. I'm using dx8.1 screensaver framework (d3dsaver.cpp,...). When in fullscreen I'm trying to destroy fullscreen d3d (after pressing key) and display configuration window. Strange thing is, that it works only sometimes - sometimes is fullscreen correctly destroyed and config is shown, but sometimes fullscreen just hangs always on top and config runs in background and is not visible. After pressing key I do:

MyInit(); // - copy of a constructor

if( FAILED( hr = Create( m_hInstBackup ) ) )
	DisplayErrorMsg( hr );
	return 0;
// Initialize the app's custom scene stuff
if( FAILED( hr = OneTimeSceneInit() ) )
	return DisplayErrorMsg( hr, MSGERR_APPMUSTEXIT );

// Do graphical init stuff
if ( FAILED(hr = Initialize3DEnvironment()) )
	return hr;
and then in WinMain :
Anyone has better idea to hide a fullscreen ? thnx [Edited by - Coder on August 3, 2004 4:33:45 PM]

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