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I have finished my first console! (pics)

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dave    2187
I just finished writing my first console, for a basic framework im writing. Capabilities: - accepts input from keyboard and manages it. - console can be set to any height width - length of console input is constrained to width of console - can look like whatever u want so long as 9 textures are created. (gonna change to just 1 texture. - uses the font engine i wrote to display text to the screen. - stores previous 100 commands and results. - full current command navigation, ie del, backspace, arrow keys - pressing up and down keys scrolls through previous commands so u can reexecute them - if u want to assert something to the program ie change a value, commands commonly start with !, to read a value back use #, these are just guides and can be changed, - values can be read from the commands and translated then the variable can be set with that value. EDIT: sorry no pictures i was using fotki but the links arnt stable, anywhere else i can upload them to?

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jflanglois    1020
It's normal HTML:
< a href="[address goes here]">[link text]< / a >
Don't put any spaces in the tags apart from between a and href.

Good job on the console.
Seems your second link is broken though...

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