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dll window question

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Basically I want to pack the window into a dll. Any kind of window. The exe shoudl the dll via LoadLibrary and export some functions TO the dll. First of: How can I have the window defined in the dll. Do I just substitude 'int main' or WinMain for DLLMain? Furthermore is it possible to have this kind of interaction? -CProgrammer

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The method I use involves creating a standard MFC extension dll with an exported function called Init.

extern "C" AFX_EXT_API
UINT Init(CString* confirm,CString* pname,CRuntimeClass **pEditRunTimeClass)
new CDynLinkLibrary(WordFitDLL);
*pname ="WordSearch";
*pEditRunTimeClass = RUNTIME_CLASS(CMyDllView);

return 0;

The view is defined in the dll and the ability to create it is wrapped up by the RUNTIME_CLASS stuff.

You then load the dll

typedef UINT ( * LPDLLINIT)(CString* confirm,CString* pname,CRuntimeClass **pEditRunTimeClass);

CRuntimeClass* prtcedit;
CString fname="mydllview.dll";
hDLL = LoadLibrary(fname);

dllInit = (LPDLLINIT)::GetProcAddress(hDLL,"Init");
if (!dllInit)
return false;

Now, from within the document, you can create the view using

CCreateContext context;
context.m_pNewViewClass = prtcedit;
context.m_pCurrentDoc = this;
CView* pNewView = STATIC_DOWNCAST(CView, pMainWnd->CreateView(&context));

The best thing about this method is thet the objects are created in the app and not the dll so you don't get problems with stack/heap ownership issues

Hope this helps

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