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Using fstream Specific Question

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Ok this is what I'm trying to do; I want to have a program where it reads a .txt and according to that .txt displays statistics. In the .txt I'm going to put movie clip names and there length. The program will add it all up and do some other stuff (I'm making a counter-strike video so I figured this might be a useful lil program). So I might have the .txt like:
dust2_deagle.dem 1028:12:310 .51
aztec_awp.dem 523:2:234 .15
dust2_spray.dem 34:2342:234 1.0
The ###:###:## can be a string so I think I'm going to have one string array and one int array (I might use a two vectors instead). So how would I have fin be able to detect the next clip or time? (pretty much the next line).

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Read the whole line into a string, put the string in a stringstream, then use the stringstream to parse the line elements.

#include <iostream>
#include <fstream>
#include <sstream>
#include <string>
#include <deque>

struct clip
std::string name;
std::string length;
float foo;

std::deque<clip> clips;

std::ifstream ifs("movies.txt");
std::istringstream iss;
std::string line;
unsigned int lineno = 1;

std::getline(ifs, line);

clip tmp;

iss >> clips.back().clipname
>> clips.back().length
>> clips.back().foo;

clips.push_back( tmp );
std::cerr << "Parse failure at line " << lineno << std::endl;

iss.clear(); // clears the flags (specifically, eof_bit)

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Hurray I did it. I made it so that you have a .txt file with this format:

filename.dem time length self-rating/5

Because when you make Counter-Strike movies, you have to make a bmp for every frame (you use 30 fps when recording a movie from CS) I have a const float for average bmp size. My program displays total length of movie, average rating/5, total uncompressed size, harddrive space - total uncompressed size. That was a LOT easier that I thought. Thanks for the help.

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