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CD problems with Beginning DirectX 9

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There's been a lot of people having problems with the samples provided on the CD-ROM that comes with my book Beginning DirectX 9. I wanted to put out a posting here to try and give those having problems a place to direct their questions and concerns to. The samples on the CD were coded to use the reference renderer instead of defaulting to hardware. Because of this, most people that have any decent video card are going to have a problem with the CreateDevice call causing the precompiled sample on the CD to fail. The samples will all need to be recompiled with the parameter DeviceType changed to D3DDEVTYPE_HAL. I'm hoping to have new version of the samples compiled and posted in the near future for those people having trouble. Anyone having problems or questions concerning this book, send me an email at gadget2032 (at) --------------------------------- --Wendy Author of Beginning DirectX 9

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