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Gmax and C++

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i'm pretty sure that the whole point of gmax was that it was a closed file format and that the appliation can only output files into other specific closed file formats for games that have paid lots of money to discreet. the only way you can get the gmax files into your game is if you can find a description of the file format, or be able to export to another known file format. it's a "closed" system like that so that if you want the features of 3DS max, you'll go out and pay the ~$5000 for the license. otherwise everyone would just use gmax and discreet would go out of business :)

if you want to get models into your own engine, you're much better off going with free or cheap modelling software like Blender or Milkshape that have public file formats and/or can export to other public formats like MD2/MD3/etc.


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