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Hello, I am creating a 2d Sumo Wrestling game and there is a Prematch screen displaying different stats/attributes of each wrestler. At the bottom of the screen, while the user is browsing the stats, each wrestler will 'say' a one-liner of smack talk (each wrestler will have three sayings and the saying for each match will be chosen randomly to provide somewhat of a variety). The reason I am posting this here is because I need help coming up with good, funny remarks. I have already compiled a list of 21 messages, but I would like to include a lot more. If anyone here thinks of any appropriate, yet funny sayings that I could include in the game or knows of any site where there is a list of smack talk, the help would greatly be appreciated. BTW, I don't care if they're cheesy. In fact, they're kind of supposed to be :). A few examples: "My 100 year old grandmother fights better than you!" "I'm not arrogant, I'm just better than you." "Next time an eating contest? I can't lose that!" "Methinks thou art a vile and wanton villain." "You bloody wanker!" "Bah!" "Du hast einen Vogel!"

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"Don't worry, we've got the paramedics ready for you."
"Pack your bags, you're about to meet your maker."
"Are you afraid of the dark, cos I'm about to knock your lights out."
"C'mon sucka"
"Get ready for a whole world of hurt"
"Are those boobs real?"
"I ate all the pies, care to say otherwise?"
"The undertaker wants to know what size coffin you'll be wanting."

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"My fatness is superior!"
"You'll meet my frypan later!"
"Big? Ha! My rice bowl is bigger than you!"
"No one defeats my Great Fuji Stance!" (or any other stance / maneuver you'd like to put.)
"Prepare to meet your doom!" (tm Life of Wily)
"You are a fool to defy me!"

(sorry if my Englis is too broken)

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