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"Kill the God of Deceit" Scripting Trial

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(This is my first time trying to publicly script for a game. It's gonna be shoddy-- prepare yourself. Feel free to critique and such. I can use some help. The character names are bad because I haven't thought of good names for them yet. Those will be replaced when I can create something in my language good enough to be the names.)
"Kill the God of Deceit"
by OrionX103
INT. A CORN FIELD - DAY Zoom in on a young male with a large woven basket on his back and a short sickle on his hand. He looks as a teen, with black hair and a heavy sun tan. His hair comes down to his shoulders and seems to get in front of his face, blocking his view. He's wearing a some-what small red vest and black pants and a pair dark-brown boots. This is JARON. We can see behind the main character, a well-built man walks down the dusty dirt path. He's muscular with sun-tanned skin and long blonde hair, which is pulled back into a pony-tail. He's wearing a long green coat, somewhat tight with no sleeves, a black undershirt that has an obvious hint of blood around the stomach, black pants, and heavy black boots. His right arm is holding a large sword over his soldier and his left hand is over his gut. Notice, also, his bright green eyes as they come into focus. This is ERIC. Eric walks up behind Jaron without him noticing. He stands there for a moment and watches Jaron work. He waits a moment before he speaks. ERIC: You sure are a hard worker. Startled, Jaron jumps and turns, and lands hard on his butt. Many of the ears of corn in his woven basket fall out from the impact. Eric chuckles. JARON: Who're you? ERIC: I'm Eric. Who're you? A name prompts comes up here, allowing the player to put in their own name. We'll say the player put in "Jaron" as his/her name. Everywhere "Jaron" is used, the player's selected name will be used. JARON: I'm Jaron. ERIC: Certainly is nice to meet you. JARON: Why are you here? ERIC: We need to talk. JARON: About what? I don't even know you. ERIC: But I know you. Or, about you, rather. See, I've watched you for the greater part of a year now. I've seen you work, I've seen how you act with your parents and how you act with the elders of the village. You're pure-hearted, dependable. But, uhh... Before I go on, I need you to stand up. I can't be serious while talking to someone who's lying on the ground in shock. Jaron turns a bit red in the face and stands up, leaving his basket and corn on the field's ground. He brushes the dirt off his clothes and looks back at Eric. ERIC: I guess you can say, you're the chosen one. You're the one selected to be the next protector of Varanhan. JARON: Varanhan? ERIC: This planet. JARON: Oh. ERIC: You're strong, fast, and endurable. You work in these fields all day and never complain. That's why I picked you. JARON: Me? Why? And for what? ERIC: I've told you already. JARON: To protect the planet... but from what? ERIC: You'll find out later. Right now, I just need you to accept it-- the gift that will help you protect Varanhan. Do you except it? JARON: I... I guess so. Eric holds out the hand that was covering his gut, thus exposing the wound. He points his palm toward Jaron and nine smaller green orbs flow from his palm into Jaron's torso, followed by a much larger green orb. Jaron isn't fazed, but is stunned what just happened. Notice Jaron's change in eye color, which is now bright green. Eric drops to all fours, dropping his sword behind him. Jaron jumps down on his knees in front of him. ERIC: Jaron... I need help... Jaron slides his head under Eric's right shoulder and grabs the sword with his right hand. He wraps his left arm around Eric and lifts him to his feet. From there, they begin to walk down the dirt path. INT. A SMALL WOODEN BUILDING Jaron and Eric walk into the building, Jaron still carrying Eric. An older woman in a chair and a younger lady, mid-teens, can be seen. The woman's dressed in a long, white dress, while the girl is dressed in a white tank top and yellow shorts that reach to the middle of her upper leg, white finger gloves reach up to her elbows and yellow boots that reach to the middle of the lower half of her leg. The older woman in the dress is Darla. The teen is Angel. Darla immediately gets up and Angel turns from her work. DARLA: Oh, my! What happened? JARON: Not totally sure myself. DARLA: Get him on the bed, Jaron, quickly! Jaron walks Eric over to a bed and helps him onto it. Darla and Angel both come over. DARLA: Angel, start attending to his wounds. I'm going to go get something to eat for the man from the market. Darla leaves. Angel brings up two chairs, one for her and one for Jaron, as well as some bandages. She and Jaron sit down and the she begins patching up Eric. JARON: Alright, now tell me what's goin' on. Everything. Eric coughs and opens his eyes, looking up at Jaron. ERIC: I was wounded before I gave you my powers. Part of those powers is healing and the strength to get through a wound, but I gave them to you. JARON: Then why'd you give them to me?! Angel gives a weird look and keeps working. ERIC: I'm getting old. My strength is waning now, but I'll survive this. You... You are young. You can get as strong as I am now, even stronger. And you need to get stonger soon. JARON: Why? ERIC: Dahak is coming back. Angel stops working for a moment and lifts her head. ANGEL: Dahak, the sun god of life. He never leaves the sky. What do you mean, "he's coming back?" ERIC: He is merely the god of deceit, and he clearly has you all fooled. An unmistakable trace of dislike can be heard in his voice. ANGEL: That's blasphemy. ERIC: It's the truth. He's no god. He's only an Ancient. Angel growls and gets back to bandaging Eric. Suddenly, Darla bursts open the front door and comes running in. DARLA: Angel, finish quickly and start preparing more beds. Angel bites the bandage and severs it from the role. ANGEL: I'm done. Why? DARLA: There's been a... She hesitates. DARLA: ...A demon attack. Jaron and Eric immediately look at each other. ERIC: Go, Jaron, you have to stop them from invading the village. Take my sword and GO! Jaron gets up so quickly, he causes the chair to fall backwards. As he rushes to the door, Angel calls out to him. ANGEL: If you're going out there, you're going to need me! JARON: No! ANGEL: What if you get hurt? Standing at the opened door, Jaron looks at Darla. Darla nods to Jaron and Jaron looks to Angel. JARON: Let's go. Both Jaron and Angel rush out the door. (Like I said, shoddy. I did it a bit differently than how it was on the example I was looking off of, but I think it works.)

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