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gcc 3.3.1 support placement new w/ initializer?

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Although I have seen examples of using placement new with an argument to the constructor as so:
class ClassType {
  ClassType( int ) { }

int main ( int argc, char ** argv )
  char memory[sizeof(ClassType)];
  new ((void *)memory) ClassType( 3 ); //<--- the problem
GCC 3.3.1 refuses to compile it, giving the message:
<internal>:9: error: too many arguments to function `void* operator new(unsigned int)'
Does GCC 3.3.1 just not support placement new with initializers? I've tried to google this, but failed miserably. Or if anyone with a modern M$ compiler can try simply compiling that statement, and tell me if it does in fact actually compile or not.

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Original post by smart_idiot
That's pretty cool, didn't know you could do that.

Thats only the begining with placement new you could create instances statically or using shared memory model, pool-allocation, for garabge collected heap etc, etc.

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