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Perpetual Motion Device

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Guest Anonymous Poster
So you made a thread pointing to a previous topic. Wow.

Anyway, not to burst your bubble, but perpetual motion machines are not at all feasible. Especially since you still have friction. When you can eliminate friction, air resistance, external sources of energy (convection), and the laws of physics (especially thermodynamics), I'll listen. But right now, you just have a spinning thing. Guess what, I can make a pinwheel that does the exact same thing, it just doesn't look as pretty.

Also, what does this have to do with game programming? This is about on-topic as if it were posted at . Look, keep building them. They are cool, and what you did was neat, but don't think you are going to make a perpetual motion machine, nor that this is appropriate for this forum.


P.S. This is a flame, but a well meaning one. Please, please don't stop making these devices on account of me. You might come up with a really neat invention that doesn't have to do with perpetual motion someday, from your experience in designing physical systems. :-/

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