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now im getting a c1083 error!

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python_regious    929
For starters, don't post new topics like this, just reply to your old one.

As for this question, and relating to your other post, stdafx.h doesn't seem to exist. I suggest actually reading the documentation about how to use Visual Studio. In short, you need to disable precompiled headers if you're not using them ( the fact that you don't know what stdafx is means that you're probably not meaning to ). To do this go to your project settings -> Precompiled Headers -> Set the top combo box named "Create/Use Precompiled Header" to "Not Using Precompiled Headers". Apply, and rebuild your project.

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walshb    103
It would seem to me that it would be helpful if you had a project already-made so you can learn about how MS VS works.

Try this out:

Grab the code at the bottom of the page that goes along with the version you're using. Open it up. Compile it. Build it. Run it. See how it works.

Try this and, if you get the chance, let us know how it goes.

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