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[java] JOGL

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JDev    100
Can somebody please post what you need to do to get JOGL programs running on a windows box? I did everything that the webpage said, but I think I'm missing something. thanks in advance

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Matei    190
First, make sure you have the very latest Java (1.4.2_05 I believe), from

Then, go to, and click "precompiled binaries and documentation" (on the right side). Expand Release Builds 2004, and choose either 1.0 or the latest 1.1 build (they should be fairly stable, but it might still be a risk). Then, you'll be presented with a lot of files. The only ones you need are:
- jogl.jar, which should be copied to C:\Program Files\Java\j2re1.4.2_05\lib\ext (Obviously use the latest j2re version that's there; also, make sure that this is the selected JRE version in Control Panel under Java).
- jogl-natives-win32.jar, which you must first un-jar. You can either open the command prompt and type jar -xvf jogl-natives-win32.jar, or change its extension to .zip and open it with Windows Explorer/Winzip/etc. Then, copy the two .dll's inside it to C:\Program Files\Java\j2re1.4.2_05\bin.

Once you have that, you can download the demos, or just try one of the NeHe lessons. (BTW some of these lessons are not true .jar's, just .zip's renamed to .jar; if double-clicking doesn't launch the demo, un-jar them first and look inside, there might be a real .jar there).

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