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stormrunner    720
thats an excellent site - what don't you like (just curious) ?
anyway, if you're the adventurous type then i'd recommend an afternoon with the SDL Documentation (but then, i enjoy charging through the MS docs for obscure functions). honestly, its on par with any tutorial, with an expansive amount of "out of the box" code examples its extrememly clear (and if you don't want to learn - cut, copy, and paste). not to mention SDL isn't that complicated (its relatively small), and (for once) most of its functions are named according to what they do - and so are the variables. doing things is relatively straight forward.
good luck.

<edit> forgive me, you wanted another tutorial besides cone3d. heres a good tutorial that might help.

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Spudder    385
Here's a free ebook all about programming games under Linux which has a few chapters on "Mastering SDL" which is well worth a read.

Apart from that there are a few articles on SDL here on GameDev but not much else is out there about how to use SDL.

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