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i need some help setting up my directx libraries for my projects. I know how to include the directx library and include paths for the compiler to search for, but i need help with the specific projects. I know you need to include the specific libraries..ex: ddraw.lib, dsound.lib, dinput.lib etc. I cannot for the life of me remember where to include them. I am not yet too familiar with the compiler. Some time ago I had it right, but lost all my files and know I don't remember. it should be under project: properties: and then either c/c++ or in the linker subsection. I am not sure which one. for the c/c++ directory it would be under general: additional include directories. for the linker directory it would be under general: additional library directories. i know these libraries need to be linked to the project and my projects won't work without them. I tried both of those and still got linkin errors along with some other stuff. I wrote some other plain windows programs and everything is fine. I only have problems with the directx ones. Please help me if you can. Thank you.

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