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Wyrframe    2426
I'm trying to find documentation on the ARM line of processors, or even just the ARM6, but having a lot of trouble. I can't even find opcode listings, much less details about the chip and its pin layout. Google just gives me pages and pages about devices which use ARM chips, and lots of pages about THUMB (but nothing else), but in two hours of rooting around, I can't find anything helpful. Does anyone know where I could get some more pointed information? I'm looking primarily for info about designing a system around, and writing software for, an ARM 6+ processor.

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mhamlin    520
Original post by Wyrframe
Good god, Google couldn't even find me the ARM homepage. My opinion of it has just dropped a notch, but it's reputation is still okay.

Thanks for the links, guys!

Huh? Google is quite adept at finding the ARM homepage.

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